Boca Technology


Boca srl, leader in the rotational moulds sector, produces equipment and moulds to order for the

aluminum molds

steel moulds

and prototype molds for composites sectors.

We supply customers from all over the world with a complete range of the types of moulds normally used in the rotational moulding industry, guaranteeing high-quality products for all the different applications that this technology allows.

Our services also include pre-delivery testing, which involves using samples in PE to ensure that the mould functions exactly as intended.

In addition, we also use 3D finite element method (FEM) simulation techniques to monitor the performance of the finished product.

At Boca, the feather in our cap is definitely our post-sales service. We never abandon our customers. All problems and issues that may arise are addressed during the design phase and, where necessary, the post-sales process.

Thanks to our collaboration with the major rotational moulding machine manufacturers, we are able to resize and reposition our customers' moulds in order to guarantee the maximum performance once mounted in the machine.

Boca is able to design and build ad hoc moulds that are shaped specifically to fit its customer's machines, thus exploiting the available size and weight limits to the maximum We can advise how to save on product manufacturing costs during the subsequent moulding processes.

Aluminium moulds
steel moulds  
Steel moulds
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