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Boca Srl operates on a site covering 8500 sq. m, of which 4000 sq. m. are covered. Approximately 50 staff are employed.

Founded in 1971 in response to the growing demand for high quality metal casting prototypes, Boca s.r.l. has continued to grow its organisational, technology and skills to satisfy the growing needs of our clients.

During the 1990s, our extensive know-how built up in the metallurgical and prototyping sector led us to extend our offering, first by providing dies for rotational and thermoforming, then by adding design and construction of dies for composites. We rapidly earned the respect of our clients and, in a few short years, soon became one of the most important companies at the European level.

Our use of the very latest CNC 5x milling machines, and dimensional tests and quality controls performed using photometric scans, have made Boca s.r.l. the trusted partner of the most prestigious and exclusive automobile brands

Thanks to our company structure, Boca S.r.l. can support our clients every step of the way, from initial design to manufacture of the final product.

At Boca S.r.l, our skill and professionalism are combined with cordiality: a fundamental requirement in fully understanding the needs of our client and creating a true collaboration with them to achieve the best results together.

Company Philosophy

Boca srl ​​has expanded and established itself on the market thanks to the company philosophy, which is based on research, continuous improvement, innovation and the quality of its products and services.

This approach, which was the brainchild of the company's owner, has been embraced by the employees who, thanks to their creativity and dedication, contribute on a daily basis to the company's success 

customer value

The company has always placed particular importance on customer satisfaction, providing the type of modern, flexible and efficient services that are the necessary complement to the production of quality, high-performance patterns and moulds.

Boca srl ​​accompanies customers every step of the way, making every effort to meet their needs during the different phases of the relationship, from the first contact, through the product design and engineering and implementation phases, operator training, the transfer of know-how, right up to post-sales technical support. Boca srl ensures that highly skilled personnel, having the maximum level of expertise in the specific sector, are assigned to the customer at every stage during the relationship.


quality policy and quality control


 The Boca srl company structure and production processes have always been geared to providing its customer with high quality products and services.

The Company has adopted a Management System that complies with the provisions of the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Standard in order to increase its competitiveness by continually improving its products, services and processes. 

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