Boca Technology

BOCA s.r.l offers its customers a young and dynamic technical department, backed by expert staff and the latest software programs. We can help the customer throughout the entire product design process.

The wealth of experience developed thanks to important partnerships with renowned companies, together with over 40 years of activity in this sector, means that our technical office is capable of designing and developing even the most complex equipment.

At BOCA, you can create high-level projects for foundry equipment, as well as moulds for rotational systems, thermoforming or composites of any size or complexity.

We can carry out three-dimensional imaging, rendering of the parts being processed, as well as paper drawings in support of ideas, animated videos or scale prototype patterns. Thanks to the Finite Element Method (FEM) programs, we are able to calculate the possible deformations that finished products may undergo during use. This allows us to intervene early and conduct a project review if needed.

Using the latest 3D CAD programs, the BOCA technical unit can receive and edit files in all exchange formats and the most common native files.

Boca uses its own skilled designers to combine forms and sensations with an efficient project that works.

finite element method (FEM)
analisi elementi finiti

We guide the client in designing products that are subjected to pressure using finite element method programs, so we can understand how the product will behave even before it is made. We carry out linear and non-linear static, and buckling analyses.

This allows us to speed up the product design process, by minimizing the risks of unnecessary changes.

The experience gained from researching plastic materials, alongside the outcome of experiments and comparisons between experimental calculations and final results, allows us to thoroughly interpret the analysis report and develop targeted solutions

reverse engineering  
reverse engineering

Thanks to our latest generation photometric instruments we can carry out reverse engineering on pre-existing products, without limits in size. The acquired data can be remodelled. 

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