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Aluminium rotational moulds  

 We design and manufacture rotational aluminium molds using the following processes:

  •     Casting
  •     Reworking pre-cast moulds using CNC machinery
  •     CNC controlled solid milling

 Boca carries out every stage of the process, starting with the pattern, which is produced in our model shop or using our CNC controlled machine tools, cast in our dedicated foundry and finished using our latest generation, 5 axes processing machinery.

Each individual activity is carried out, in-house, by our qualified personnel, thus ensuring high quality and total control of workflows. 

Attention to detail  
rotational alluminium molds details

All our aluminium moulds are meticulously produced to ensure not only high performance and ease of use, but so that they also continue to function perfectly over time.

Every moving part is transferred along steel rings to prevent wear and tear over time.

When a higher thermal conductivity or an increased impact wear resistance is required, copper or brass is used instead of aluminium.

All the handles and standard components are easy to replace in the event of wear or accidental breakage

Every detail has been carefully studied to meet the demand for maximum productivity

To maximize the functionality of the mould and the yield of the moulded product, Boca, thanks to its constant technological research, is capable of developing customized solutions and proposing innovative solutions,

For further information, please consult the "options"


Surface finishes  

Boca S.r.l. offers various surface finish options for its aluminum moulds.

The most common are:

LS120 (industrial smooth)

MIR (mirror finish)

BRIGHT (bright)

SB01 (sandblasted)

SB02 (shiny sandblasted)

SB03 (crushed stone)

SB04 (finely sandblasted)

SP01 (shot peened finish)

SP02 (glossy shot peened finish)

SP03 (finely shot peened)

TF01 (Teflon finish)

TF02 (glossy Teflon finish)

TF03 ("strong" Teflon finish)

Furthermore, finishes that faithfully reproduce an existing material can be obtained from aluminium moulds, such as wood, rock, aging effects, pottery, leather, etc.

To request further information or to receive some surface finish samples, please contact our sales team.

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