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Case history

fenice 500

Boat being rotated


A noted businessman in the nautical sector decides to market a new boat manufacture from a polyethylene mono-bloc using the rotational moulding process

He needs a partner to assist in the design and development phase, in order to produce a stable, reliable but easy to manufacture craft.

The mould manufacturer must also act as project manager, interfacing with the rotational moulder and raw material manufacturer.


Created the design for the construction of a boat in Pe+ Foam, with a capacity of 1600Kg; the boat was expertly adapted to the needs of rotational moulding, making it stable, as robust as possible and easy to manufacture.

Milled foam model to be presented at trade fairs and via sales networks,

Design of foundry tools, with 5 metre plus long half-shell mono-block castings, weighing 450kg each.

Research and selection of the most suitable Rotational moulder and cooperation in constructing the frame and handling blocks.

Wall tank 500 Litres

wall tank


Design and build a tank with rectangular base, less than 300mm deep, which can hold at least 500 litres of water.

Stone block effect finish across the 4 sides,

Delivery time for first working product: 60 days.


Our expert modelling department designed the rear wall with ribbing and contact points (kiss-off), using FEM programs to verify its capacity to support the weight of a 2 metre high column of water, while ensuring that the expansions did not exceed 5mm.

The mould is broken down into 6 parts by moving the side walls along runners.

The result is a mould, which, despite its large size and the complexity of the divisions, is simple to produce by rotational moulding. The finished product will be tested with the actual strain values ​​compared to those simulated by FEM analysis.

In terms of location and size they are perfectly aligned.

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