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Boca designs and manufactures products and technologies to enhance mould performance and the quality of rotationally moulded products

Drop Box  
drop box

The drop box is a thermally insulated container that is assembled on moulds, in order to introduce polymer powders during the moulding cycle.

It is mainly used to produce pieces with different internal and external materials, or to obtain pieces with different layers of colour for the design industry.

The drop box is directly assembled onto the mould and is pneumatically driven by the machine's control system.

Boca s.r.l. ​​produces various size drop boxes, according to the customer's needs. 



In order to be competitive in the plastic product manufacturing industry, it is necessary to optimise space and machine time in order to increase production volume.

By meeting the needs of mould manufacturers, Boca S.r.l. designs and manufactures spider moulds, which are custom produced to fit the customer's machines.

In this way, it is possible to produce a series of moulds simultaneously, which increases production volumes and reduces the time spent on opening and closing moulds.

We design and manufacture fixed or dismantleable spiders with handle, screw or centralised closures.

Handling Moulds
movimentazione stampi

Boca S.r.l. designs and manufactures moulds with openings that are driven by carriages on runners.

This helps to prevent the need to remove and reposition the moulded parts, since they are fastened and driven by the support structure.

There are many advantages to these solutions, such as, an increase in mould productivity, a reduced risk of damaging the parts when assembling and disassembling the workpiece and zero risk of incorrectly repositioning the moulded pieces.

Boca S.r.l. designs and manufactures linear-sliding runners or runners with a hinged opening for aluminum or sheet metal moulds and mounts the movable parts on bearings, which ensures that even the heaviest products can be transported with ease.

Handling retainers
handling retainer

Boca S.r.l. designs and builds handling retainers for various kinds of skimming processes and for double-layer products.

The handling retainers are manufactured using CNC machines and can be equipped with manually or pneumatically-operated closures.

pneumatic handles

Operator-independent constant clamping force.

Several devices can be activated simultaneously.

The machines can be activated from different positions; they are activated by remote control and may also be machine activated.

Various magnetic cylinder versions are available that ensure contactless positioning so that electric command pulses can be obtained in certain situations.

Mould extractors (blower)
standard air extractor

In complex products, a mould's shape can make extracting the product very difficult.

In response to this problem, which many mould manufacturers encounter, Boca has designed and produced a solution which is simple to install and practical to use.

It consists of a pneumatically-controlled spring valve, which is installed on the mould's surface.

During extraction, these valves allow a thin layer of air to squeeze between the mould and the product, which makes extraction possible.

This technology is used on new moulds, as and when needed, and can also be installed (retrofitted) on any pre-existing moulds

Surface Finishes

Boca S.r.l. offers various surface finish options for its aluminium moulds.

The most common are:

LS120 (industrial smooth)**

MIR (mirror finish)

BRIGHT (bright)

SB01 (sandblasted)**

SB02 (shiny sandblasted)

SB03 (crushed stone)

SB04 (finely sanded)

SP01 (shot peened)**

SP02 (gloss shot peen finish)

SP03 (finely shot peened)

TF01 (Teflon finish)

TF02 (gloss Teflon finish)

TF03 ("strong" Teflon finish)

**We can also produce sheet iron moulds

Furthermore, finishes that faithfully reproduce an existing material can be obtained from aluminium moulds, such as wood, rock, aging effects, pottery, leather, etc.

To request further information or to receive some surface finish samples, please contact our sales team.

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