Boca Technology
steel moulds  

Boca s.r.l. designs and manufactures sheet steel moulds of any size or complexity with non-porous welds that are meticulously finished. Every single detail has been designed to make the mould simple yet durable.

attention to detail  

All our moulds are meticulously produced to not only ensure high performance and ease of use, but so that they continue to function perfectly over time.

Every moving part is transferred along steel rings to prevent wear and tear over time.

When a higher thermal conductivity or an increased impact wear resistance is required, copper or brass is used instead of aluminium.

Parts with complex shapes or strict dimensional tolerances are produced by numerical control milling the steel, which is then welded inside the same machine.

All handles and standard components can be easily replaced in the event of wear or accidental breakage

Every detail has been carefully studied to meet the demand for maximum productivity

To maximize the functionality of the mould and the yield of the moulded product, Boca, thanks to its constant technological research, is capable of developing customized solutions and proposing innovative solutions.

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Surface finishes  

LS120 (industrial smooth)

SP01 (shot peened)

SB02 (glossy shot peen finish)

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